Welcome! Bem-vindo! Bienvenido!

Well hello there, welcome to the brand new and -hopefully- improved I like football me. I decided to move the site from Blogspot due to issues with formatting and I was really beginning to find the interface an absolute nuisance. So here we are, a shiny new domain name and hopefully the start of good things for this humble blog.

For those who were not readers of the old blog, what you can expect here at ILFM (that’s right, it’s ILFM now) is some insight into o jogo bonito, mainly stuff from here in South America. Brasileirão and Copa Libertadores are my specialties, but don’t be surprised to see some good ole argieball or any other CONMEBOL leagues here.

I should be putting some brand-new content up soon, the Brasileirão, Tornéo Apertura and U-20 World Cup have given me plenty of food for thought, so stay tuned.

Also, this is my first WordPress blog, so I’m still kinda getting to grips with the controls and layout options. If you could leave feedback on the design, formatting etc. I would me very thankful.

Finally, I never had a -huge- following on my previous blog, but with the domain change there is always the chance that I will lose some of the excellent followers that I had before. So PLEASE, do me a favour, bookmark the site, like the posts, comment, retweet them on Twitter (follow me on twitter too!), anything at all you can do to help so that this location change doesn’t turn out to be a disaster!

Take care amigos

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